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Case Form Preview - Customized with PREP

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel and the Judicial Conduct Commission process incoming complaints, manage the schedule for panel hearings, issue notices, and track responses to each complaint. To aid your organization, we provide commercial-off-the-shelf case management solutions customized specifically for Lawyer and Judge Disciplinary Counsel.

Michael Matters supports a customized solution using the popular and flexible Time Matters® case management system. Time Matters® has an intuitive row and column approach, allowing you to filter, sort, and search on any combination of information collected. The data entry screens flow from right to left in logical sequence. Your staff will find the program easy to learn and essential to your organizational success.

The following screen shot of the Case Form for complaints demonstrates the flexibility and comprehensiveness of this solution. Each case form includes over 150 data elements that may be customized to collect the information you need for your agency. This solution is dynamic, it is designed to evolve as your state changes the rules, adds responsibilities, or alters the nomenclature of disciplinary enforcement.

For your conveinence, we have defined some of the fields found on the screen shot of Time Matters customized with PREP.

Matter Ref: The Case Caption - free text according to your culture.

Code: The code sets the Jurisdiction, this example is Lawyer Conduct, and after Formal Charges are filed the code would change to Lawyer Discipline.

Matter Number: Automatically incremented internal case number.

Phase: A drop down list showing your own stages of investigation.

Staff: The people in your office assigned to this Case.

Step: A critical processing element in Time Matters. As the Step changes, the system automatically generates the required documents, creates a future dated task for follow up, or sends a message to the next staff person in the process.

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