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Model Elements for Disciplinary Case Management

Michael Matters, Inc. assists State Bar Counsel and Disciplinary Boards in the implementation of case management systems. Here are some of the common data elements used to manage these cases and produce statistics sufficient for quarterly and annual management reports.



Type of complainant (relationship to respondent)

Address of complainant, including inmate number


Type of respondent

Address of respondent

Counsel for respondent

Address for counsel

All witnesses

Staff attorney assigned to the complaint

Panel members assigned to the preliminary investigation

Investigator assigned to the investigation

Judge assigned to the adjudication

Court reporter at the hearing


Nature of the complaint

Corresponding applicable ABA rule

Area of law within which complaint arose

Type of law practice

Court case file or docket number

District / division / county location of complaint

Recommendation of staff as to the disposition of complaint

Status open or closed

Phase of case (screening-preliminary investigation-investigation-formal charges)

Step of processing within the phase

Investigation requirements

Specific allegations

Limits of the complaint

Scope of disclosure

Method of disposition entered by staff, panel, or judge

Outcome of adjudication

Complaint history by complainant or by respondent


Date opened

Date noticed

Date of response

Date assigned to investigator

Date served

Date disposed

Related records:

All milestones and appointments

All court dates

All assigned tasks

All linked documents

All linked emails

All linked web pages for evidence of legal research

All linked notes

All linked outlines

A time line view of all or specific record types

Related case numbers

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