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Process Analysis and Policy Development

Michael Matters, Inc. has over 20 years of experience articulating, designing and implementing case management systems for government agencies. Our team of professionals work well in the public sector, we understand the culture and values of public service. Our clients include grievance boards, disciplinary counsel, licensing and regulation, labor relations and departments of insurance.

At Michael Matters, Inc., we recognize that an efficient organization requires more than the right products and reliable support. Your agency needs policy and procedures that match your organizational workflow.

We'll help you to articulate all the steps from intake processing to disposition. We will also work with you to identify ‘case types’ and milestones needed for statistical reporting. Michael Matters, Inc. will produce a visual display of your workflow to accompany training materials, making clear to management and staff the manner in which all cases are processed.

Effective policies not only reduce stress, but also help to establish the professional culture of your agency. By delivering policies that facilitate continuity and predictability, Michael Matters, Inc., increases accountability, transparency and evidence of your hard work and commitment. Let us help provide the policies to accelerate your organizational development in the context of your case management system.

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